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EVA Film Used for Architectural Building Glass

Extra Clear EVA Film

Extra Clear EVA Film

Oster Extra Clear EVA FILM & High Transparent EVA with & Low Haze...
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(1)We supply Extra clear EVA film with low haze . As we all know , transmittance and haze are two important factors to definite the transmittance properties of a transparent materials.

Please see the index as below table :




< 0.3%

Transmission – The amount of light that passes through the material without being scattered.
Haze -  The amount of light that is subject to Wide Angle Scattering.

(2)Please see all the other performance index as below


> 92%


< 0.3%

Cross-linking rate

> 90%

Adhesion with glass


Tensile strength


UV filtering rate


(3)Processing : Temperature and time setting

First section : 60℃ 20mins
Second section : 130℃ 50mins



Thickness :                     0.4mm ; 0.8mm
Width :                       2m , 2.2m, 2.3m ,2.4m
Length :                     100m , 50m
Customized size is available for us .




1 roll is acceptable for us . What we suggest is that ordering one or two rolls at the first time for testing .  For the following orders,  one or a half container by sea would help to save much cost from your sides, that is also the way our current customers usually do .

(8)Delivery time

We have three EVA film production lines inside our factory.  Daily output would be around 82800㎡.  Generally , orders will be finished within 15 days.

Should we choose laminated glass or tempered glass ?


When we select safety glass, tempered glass and laminated glass are two choices for us . Both of them have decoration and safety function . But , these two kinds of glass have their own distinctive feature differences.


Tempered glass is made by heating and cooling a required size of glass in a tempering furnace. Glass must be cut and edged into a shape required before tempering. Heating it at temperature around 1200°F and cooling it rapidly makes the glass hardened so that it will get 4 to 5 times stronger. Once it gets break, tempered glass would shatter into small pieces , which would minimize the injury then ordinal glass.


Laminated glass is a combination of glass and a interlayer called EVA film . Interlayer help to bond two pieces of glass together.  The performance of the interlayer would add to the laminated glass extra performance . For example , Oster EVA film can block 99% UV ray. So , the laminated glass can block 99 % of UV-light and protect inside human being and furniture away from the damage of sunshine . Sound insulation and infrared ray are the added performance by EVA interlayer film .  Certain thicker, multilayered forms of laminated glass can even qualify as burglar- and bullet-resistant glass. Compared with tempered glass , laminated glass can be cut and edge after laminating . And lead time of laminated glass is faster because most glass shops stock laminated glass. 

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    Add: Hemei Industrial Zone, Pingdi Town, Longgang District, Shenzhen, China
    Tel: +86-755-89552092
    Mob: +86-13823761190

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